Last Friday afternoon, 28th April, saw the second edition of the new look SASS inter-house competition take place in the secondary hall. The event began in reality in the early morning light as the house bands and choirs went for soundchecks while their supporters decorated the school patio and hall with banners, flags and balloons in house colours. This tremendous feel of house spirit and camaraderie was felt by the whole community throughout what was once again a really special day.

Each house presented three pieces of carefully chosen and prepared music in band and choir form. The choirs this year broke all sorts of records in their size, Dodds struggling even to fit onto the stage due to so many students taking part. Brown’s beautiful interpretation of Mika’s “Happy Ending” was the highlight for many as the voting public asked for it to performed again at the conclusion of the show. Montheith’s flashing green hats also caught the eyes of many and certainly won them points for presentation.

The event however, as is becoming the accepted norm, belonged to Fleming as they once again won the competition with a lead of more than 50 points over their nearest rivals. Their Queen medley and Rihanna and Alt-J acapella performances stole the judges hearts and ears. They were crowned champions for the sixth year running and this year in fitting style to the backdrop of the amazing staff band who opened the show and then closed it with a rambunctious interpretation of Queen’s “We are the Champions”.    

Oliver Proctor
Strand Leader - Creativity & Performance