As every year, the 5-year-old children choose the name of their class. This year the winners were "Sea horses" and "Sea turtles". This gave us the opportunity to collect information about both animals, sing songs and exchange what we know with the other class. 
When we told the children we were going to the aquarium in Temaiken, excitement was in the air. Based on the information we already had, we prepared questions for the special day.
Going by bus was lots of fun and their happy faces when we arrived were amazing! We saw many sea and river fish. Jorgelina, our guide, gave us lots of interesting facts about the animals and the aquarium such as who cleans the fish tanks and why don't sharks eat the fish that swim in the same water. We got to know Marco, a scuba diver who is the one who cleans the tanks and feeds the sharks!
We are now deciding with the children which direction our unit will take. Do we want to share what we have learnt with others? Will we transform our classroom into a big aquarium? One of the girls even proposed making a giant turtle using plastic bags which are very dangerous for them if thrown to the water.
We will see where the ocean takes us!