The children in the Bees classroom are learning about fruits and their names in English. We asked them to bring their favourite food so as to make a fruit salad. Once we had all of them, they looked at the skin, colours and wondered about the seeds. They touched the seeds and felt how some were soft and others rougher and kind of wrinkled. They learnt that not all fruits can be eaten with their skin and also that within the skin of others there are many, many vitamins which are very healthy for our body. Then we divided the group to prepare a fruit salad. Huge success!!!! There was nothing left in the bowls. The next week we prepared banana smoothie, they watched a video on how to prepare and learnt how the banana is involved in a process of disintegration into the milk. Once again there was nothing left. This week we prepared jelly and we added some fruits.

They are enjoying these very special and yummy yummy snacks!!!

Soon they will be learning about ice creams and which flavours have fruits!!!

Miss Sylvia and Miss Caro!!