December 1st was an unforgettable day for the 6th year pupils in Punta Chica.

They put together an extraordinary exhibition, working together as real teams. At it, they shared everything they had investigated about the Solar System and beyond, and most importantly, about Mars. Why? Because it is their generation that will finally get to the Red Planet, according to the NASA.
  • How will they survive an 8 month flight there?
  • How will they come back?
  • What about food? And fuel?
  • And living on the planet?
These curious children put together an extraordinary journey all over space, with possible answers.

Communication with the Earth, the use of the hydroponic system to grow food, Qr Codes to read information, Aurasma to watch the children speaking through Augmented Reality and models made with the help of the Art Attack Taller were present as visitors roamed through the stands. Students spoke about 25 times about their topics without losing their initial enthusiasm! It was a remarkable opportunity for all of them to shine.