As a present for our last day of class, we read the children the story "A kiss goodbye" by Audrey Penn, which reflected  how difficult it can be moving on to a new stage of life. Leaving familiar places and friends can be tough, but Chester´s mom encouraged him to be brave to do so, reminding him that she would always be there to support him.

With this spirit, the “Crocodiles”, the "Tigers" and the “Monkeys”  graduated  from Kindergarten on Wednesday, December 3rd.

Pupils and their families, together with teachers and   school authorities shared a moving ceremony. Our pupils were led in to the hall by Matías Bonelli, the piper, highlighting our Scottish heritage. Our pupils sang "We all stand together" and "Hooray, hooray, it´s a very special day" , led by Miss Anita, our music teacher.

Gerardo, who is not only the pastor of St. Andrew´s Presbyterian Church, but the grandparent of one of our graduates, told the children a story about the importance of perseverence.

We thanked Miss Ale for her 25 years of loyal service, during which we all have enjoyed her love for her pupils and enthusiasm for science.  Miss Ceci, one of her class peers, prepared a video with lots of pictures.

After the ceremony  we  shared soft drinks and Xmas cookies out  in the playground, with the children playing in the Kindergarten patio for the last time. 

We wish our 2014 Graduates all the best, feeling that they are ready for the next big step in their life!! 

 We thank our pupils´ parents  for their support throughout the year, it has been wonderful to have shared this time with your children and we wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season.