The Kindergarten was very lucky to receive Pablo from the Primary school who came to share a story he had written with us. He is a very creative child who invented a very original story on bullying. He made the drawings with plasticine and then by taking pictures he printed the scenes of the story on paper. Our kindergartners were very excited with his visit. He came with his friend Joaquín and explained what they do in Primary to avoid bullying. Their strategies were amazing. Children from both sectors exchanged ideas and many questions arouse. They told us that they make signs in Primary and have mediators who can help to solve problems or conflicts amongst peers in a positive way. The idea of intervening when a problem was seen by others was also talked about. It happens, quite often, that children see others in a fight or ill-treated verbally and they just observe, so it was very important to discuss the role of observers taking on a leading role, stopping any kind of aggression. 

It is our responsibility as adults to take an active role in such a matter.

These are some ideas that the children in the Whales classroom have learnt:

 “When somebody does not know how to defend himself he can say it to his teachers or parents"

"If you do not know how to defend yourself you should ask somebody who knows and next time when somebody bothers you, you will know how to do it."

"If somebody pushes you,  you don't have to ran away you have to talk it over."

"We cannot allow somebody to bother us"

"In the story the father created a school to teach others how to defend themselves. Then the ones who used to hit his son did not do it anymore."

"If I see a boy or girl being bothered by somebody else I have to stop him and explain to him that those things hurt and should not be done.”


“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings”