On Wednesday the 22nd, the fathers of Belisario, Benicio and Lila came to bake pizza with the Bees.
We decided to divide the group into the different chores that had to be done in order to prepare pizza.
Some children grated the cheese, others had to put the sauce and others had to decide which ingredients they would add to the pizza in order to make different ones.
We talked about the importance of following the recipe in order to make pizza and we also discussed what would happen if we changed the ingredients or the steps that the recipe stipulated. 
After that, these fathers took the pizzas to the oven and baked them. While we waited, we arrived to the conclusion that the pizzas would not have come out as good as they did, if we did not make them with all our love and care. 
When they were ready, we ate them all together. It was a wonderful morning and the Bees enjoyed very much their pizza party.
Thank you very much to the parents who came and prepared the activity with us!
The Bees!