The Bunnies have been listening to traditional stories, learning about the different characters and new vocabulary. After every story, we have been getting dressed with costumes representing the different characters and using real material to prepare the scenery. One of their favourite stories was “The Three Little Pigs”; they learnt the dialogues and were very good at dramatizing it. We also made puppets with paper bags and cardboard and they loved making the different voices of the pigs and the wolf. We carried out a few science experiments with air; blowing straw, sticks and a brick using our breath and also a hair dryer for the Bunnies to see the difference in the materials used by the little pigs to construct their houses. Finally we got to the conclusion that the brick was a hard material and it was much more resistant than the straw or the sticks.

The children learnt a lot of vocabulary from “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”, especially opposites which we also worked with the help of flash cards and the interactive board. They can really tell the difference between big and small, hot and cold, hard and soft!

We invited a mother to read “The Little Red Hen” and we enjoyed having her sharing such a beautiful story with us.

 “Gingerbread man” was a very nice story to dramatize and it also gave us the recipe for the cookies which we then baked and ate!

We hope you enjoy the pictures we took!

Afternoon Bunnies