Nature Club – First Steps

At the beginning of the year 6th graders are given a choice to belong to a committee. The purpose of these is to develop leadership qualities taking into account their interests. The Nature Club had so many members that we were able to divide it into smaller groups: Neighbourhood, Recycling and Secret Garden. We meet once a week during the morning break.

First thing we did was pool ideas in a shared doc created for that purpose. We communicated through an Edmodo group. We combined the students´ creative ideas with the needs of the school and the surrounding community. As we brainstormed about a possible logo, we asked for the help of another leadership committee: Visual Design SASS. They designed a lovely logo for us!

Nature Club – Ideas into Action

Bottle Tops Piggy Banks

The Recycling committee decided to give the Garrahan bottle top collection a twist. They made piggy banks out of five litre water bottles and placed them in every classroom. They also reminded the whole school about the campaign. They took turns to empty the piggy banks into the big containers.

Dog Droppings Bag Dispensers

Every teacher knows that dog droppings in the classroom can be a problem!! Inspired by the Puntocan bag dispensers we had seen in other neighbourhoods, we proposed that the school would install one to keep our school area clean. We also decided to implement this idea with a recycling spirit and made a dispenser of our own! We asked the whole school to contribute with supermarket bags brought from home.

Recycled Brooms

Last year, with the Ecology Team, we started making these brooms to help keep the classrooms clean. This year we checked how many of them were in good shape and made new ones to make sure every class had one.

Coming up, Recycled Teacher´s Day Gifts, Self-Watering System for plants and Garbage-Zero Project!

Miss Florence and Miss Candy