Last week a group of Secondary School students in Y 12 came to visit us with a specific objective in mind: exchange ideas and an experience of play with our kindergartners

We shared with them what we do to help the Garrahan Hospital. We showed them the video they have on their website as this year once again the Garrahan wants to improve their own record Guiness which they obtained 2 years ago when they collected 91 tons of bottle tops! Amazing!

They were really impressed by what they watched and their response was immediate. We asked them how they could help us. The ideas that cropped up were great: They said that they could get together during an Assembly and show the video to all the school students, something that I got to know they did last Friday, putting more bins around the school with the Garrahan logo, talking with restaurants asking them if they could help as well in this campaign and sharing this with friends and family members, etc. The outcome of this activity was very enriching for both sectors Secondary and Kindergarten.

We shared information about the Garrahan and once we finished, all the K5 groups played together in Centres, helping each other and enjoying play.

Experiences like this teach us that there are no boundaries to learn from each other and we can have great fun exchanging ideas. We were very pleased to see our former pupils who attended Kindergarten so many years ago playing again. We hope to see them soon!

Sylvia Papazian

Whales Teacher