For this special day the Afternoon Bunnies remembered what they have been learning about how to take care of our Planet!

The children already know they should not use too much water and close the tap when they finish washing their hands; they use only one paper towel so as to save trees (the ones who gives us clean air “oxygen”). We have been taking banana and apple skins to our compost bin when we eat fruits and enrich the soil with them. We recycle things like bottle tops, paper and cardboard; and we always turn off the lights when we leave the classroom so as to save energy.

To celebrate this day we thought it would be nice to plant some seeds and experiment with our vegetable garden. We read a story by Eric Carle called “The little seed” and learnt what seeds need to grow and also learnt a song about a seed in a pot. Now we were very anxious to see the result!

We had lots of fun while pretending to be gardeners, putting on aprons and working the ground so as to have nice and weedless soil. We took turns to use the tools and water our patch. We will be watering them and waiting for the sun to come out so our parsley can grow nice and strong!

We hope you enjoy our photos!


The Bunnies