The “Tigers”, the “Monkeys” and the “Crocodiles” received the visit of the Year 8 students, who came to tell us about a Service Learning project they are working on. The name of this project is “La Sachetera”, and by gathering milk and yogurt sachets and sticking them together, one can make sleeping bags for the people who sleep in the street.

The Secondary children prepared a show and a video for us. They set up three stations, and the children participated in all of them.

In the First Station, they explained to us how to wash the sachets and how to cut  them, using their own scissors.

In the Second Station the children stuck the sachets together, with the help of the big children using a fusing machine.

In the Third Station we prepared drawings to stick on and decorate the sleeping bags.


With this project we have worked on multiple objectives

  • Reflecting on the importance of being helpful.
  • Reflecting on how to look after our planet by reusing the sachets.
  • Getting to know the different steps involved in the making of the sleeping bags.
  • Sharing this project with other school sectors.


With simple things we can help others. We just need to know which is the best way to do so.


If you want to bring your sachets to school, cut the edges so you can open it up as a book. Wash them with water and a little detergent, and dry them before bringing them to school.

Thank you!