The unit that we are working on at the moment is called “All about me,
homes, school and clothes”.
The following are some of the activities we
have been carrying out, linked to the different areas of learning:

For Maths, the children had to solve problems related to the amount of mittens needed for 4 children, the amount of sweatshirts, socks, t-shirts, etc. and learnt the concept of pair.

They also had to count the amount of windows, doors, tables inside the classroom, register quantity and look for the numbers in the counting chart.

For fine motor coordination, the children prepared houses using
medicine boxes and sticking different shapes of card as windows, walls,
doors, chimneys and roof.

For Science, we have been talking about how houses are built, and a person from our maintenance came to show them how to build a brick wall by preparing the mortar (mixing sand, lime and water) and allowing the children to set the bricks.

To learn the English vocabulary about clothes and parts of the house, the children participated in activities such as:

.Description of posters of the different rooms of a house and the furniture.

.Memory games

.Mix and match games

.Traditional game "Is the wolf around?

.Poems and songs related to the unit.

.Guessing games

For Social studies, we had conversations about how their day is divided, between school, home and extra activities, the importance of Home, as a nurturing and safe place, and school although nurturing and safe too, as a social and learning space. Each child told the rest if they lived in a house or in a flat. We are also speaking about how the year is broken up into months, weeks and days and the different seasons, but this is an ongoing theme which will be developed throughout the year. (linked to Maths: Concept of time and Science: Weather changes)

For Art, the children drew and painted their homes on card, they watched a video about Winnie the witch’s house and they all painted a wooden toy house full of colours collaborately so as to make ir nicer and brighter. Grandparents came to build houses or buildings with their grandchildren, re-using junk material. We hope they have enjoyed their visit!

You can take a look at the pictures shared in the photo gallery! We hope you like them!

 Miss Jo and Miss Maggie