The Peer Mediation training will take place on April 24 at UdeSA.

    After a selection process, a group of students from Y7 and Y8 will learn the principles and steps of Mediation and will acquire communication skills to help solve conflicts.

    The Peer Mediation programme has been growing since 2005 and offers a space in Middle School for dialogue, active listening and help for solving issues. It provides an opportunity for students to resolve disputes through mediation.

What is mediation? 
    Mediation is a conflict resolution strategy to resolve conflicts. It is a voluntary process in which two students in conflict are given the opportunity to meet with a mediator, to talk about their problems and try to reach an agreement cooperatively. Mediation allows us to deal with problems that we would not know how to resolve without the help of another person. The process is confidential.  

Paula Romano

DOE - Learning Centre