Whales, Pandas and Tigers had a first visit to a Library; the one in Primary. There, the Librarians explained to them the way the Libraries work. They saw that all the books have a number and how the Librarian writes down the names of the one who borrow books. They also learnt that they cannot take another book until they bring the other back.

On Thursday they started taking books home and listening to stories told by the "Library mothers”.

On Friday, we had some teachers dramatizing one of the stories for all the kindergarten. “The enormous squash” (a similar version of the traditional story “The Enormous turnip”). Then, the main characters of the story gave a big squash that they had harvested to each of the teachers so that they could think of a delicious squash recipe and cook together with their children.

We all had great fun and we are willing to go on enjoying more and more stories every Thursday…