As part of our adaptation period, the Bees came dressed up as pirates.

Last year the children had finished K3 dressing up as pirates, dramatizing stories and different adventures so, we decided to continue with the topic they thoroughly enjoyed. This time the pirates came back from their holidays and stopped at St. Andrew’s Scots School. 

One day we organized a treasure hunt in which they found clues that guided them into the place where the treasure was hidden.  We went around the school, stopped at the different classrooms and offices and found the clues that finally lead us to the treasure!

The children were very excited and eager to find that the treasure was buried in the vegetable garden.  They used shovels to remove the soil and they found a special box with chocolate coins which they ate for their snack.  

Then we went to the drama room to play and enjoy being pirates planning our next treasure hunt and discussing about our imaginary maps. 

We shared a wonderful morning all together and the children were happy to start off their school year with this game.