The year 7 convivencia (retreat)of 2014 took place for the second year in a row in a ranch called "La Segunda" in Villa Lía near San Antonio de Areco. Once again we decided to camp and this turned out to be an excellent decision as we had lovely sunny weather during our first day and an incredible starry night when it was time to go to sleep. There were many activities but my favourites were the games with the PE staff, the free time (when we played football, rugby and played the guitar) and when the students got covered in flour as they made the dough for the evening's pizza and the morning's bread.

    I am really pleased to say Frider and Laura, owners of the estancia, said that this was a lovely group of students who knew how to have a great time but also how to look after each other. We are very proud of our year 7 students and hope that they continue to show this level of convivencia (coexistence) throughout this year and the years to come.

James Thomas

Head of Year 7