The five year olds got a very special surprise on their first week of class.


They enjoyed the lovely story by Audrey Penn, "The Kissing Hand”.  Chester the Racoon was very sad because he did not want to start his new school, and his mother shared with him a family secret.


If she gave him a kiss on the palm of his hand,  he could keep it there as a treasure, and if he missed her, he could put his hand near his cheek and feel the love in his mother's kiss going to his heart. Chester loved this idea, and did the same with his mother, knowing that she would also miss him while he was at school and needed a kiss until he came back home.




The parents of the Tigers, Crocodiles and Monkeys prepared special decorated hands for their children, and we handed them in to the children after reading the story.


They were very excited, and it was very sweet to see them approaching the paper hand to their cheek, feeling the love of their parents. They also knew that if they happened to miss their parents they could get their “hands” until they felt better. Thank you very much to all the parents who helped us with this lovely treasure!!