Diana Gandsas and I had the privilege to visit Colorado Academy in Denver, Colorado over the summer break.  There we spent the week with CA's openly receiving staff and welcoming student body to observe the daily life in and out of classes along with the backdrop of the Colorado Rockies visible from wherever we were on the campus. As we observed the school life, despite the snow that caked over everything, we found it to be quite active and reminiscent of St. Andrew's as students were grouped together studying in the halls or conversing in the 5 minute breaks (instead of the 15 minutes that St. Andrew's has).  As well as St. Andrew's, Colorado Academy has quite an extensive history and tradition which has been upheld through the strong, academic rigor evident in the classrooms and by producing highly motivated students seeking to further their education in some of the most prestigious universities in the U.S.  

    We were also able to get to know the city of Denver a bit more and some of the cultural activities the city has to offer.  The Denver Art Museum had been exhibiting a show on French art from the 1600s up to impressionism.  We also attended a basketball game in which the Denver Nuggets came out victorious.  Lastly, we were able to visit the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado.  This picturesque campus is embedded right at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and has been the university to many astronauts and politicians, as well as actors such as Robert Redford.

    This June for two weeks, we are looking forward to host five students from CA along with two high school teachers of Spanish.  Next February, Diana and I are planning to reciprocate CA's visit with St. Andrew's students as we continue to establish this student exchange.

Scott Lyman