During the last weeks, the bunnies and ducklings learned many new concepts about the “Tren de la costa”. 
First, they played with a “train” made up by chairs, boxes and pieces of cloth, in the classroom. 
We gave them the material and they played freely; repeating this activity several times. 
We also talked and discussed about what they knew about trains and some of them even told us they had travelled by train on some occasion!
The highlight of our project was going on a train trip together. We went to Punta Chica station, waited for the train to come and went to Maipu station and back. The journey was lovely, they observed all that happened around them, people hopping on and off the train, they learnt that you buy a ticket to travel, that you have to stand behind the yellow line on the platform, that there is “another St. Andrew´s”, that the train has no safety belts. They even saw a helicopter in a private house and they also realized it was the same train we see every day at school.
Finally, the children played some more times at “Tren de la costa” in the classroom, but now their played reflected their new knowledge.
It was a lovely activity and the children were very happy.