We are glad to share with you our 2016 concert, "Put a little love in your heart". Through simple everyday situations created and represented by the children, we put on this musical show which takes us to reflect on our values as a school.
Every class has been working on the topic of their song, relating it to everyday situations. Through the concert, we emphasize the importance of manners, being a kind person, showing gratitude, and, when a problem arises, counting to 10 instead of reacting. Saying sorry is something we also work on at the kindergarten, so we couldn't miss a song about that to, believing in the power of forgiveness, and love.
The 5 year olds made this concert their project, decorating the hall with the help of the 3 and 4 year olds. They also prepared the program, invitations as well the props.
May we all be so fortunate as being able to put, not just a little, but tons of love in our hearts.