On Thursday 8th September half of Year Eight went to Puerto Madero to do some research into the success of the Urban Regeneration that took place in the 1990s. This piece of project-based learning involved students assessing the quality of the environment along a transect from Avenida Alicia Moreau de Justo to Avenida de los Italianos. Along the way students used a number of techniques to collect the data they needed to answer the question “Has the redevelopment of Puerto Madero made the quality of the environment better?”
Students used Bi-Polar Environmental Quality Surveys, Traffic and Pedestrian Counts and Ground Floor Land-Use Mapping to answer their question. These techniques were new to our students but through working in cooperation with their groups they managed to get to grips with them and use them successfully.
Trips such as these are important strands of the work that we do in terms of developing students skills and using that to develop their knowledge and understanding of an area of study. More importantly it helps students to develop the confidence to take responsibility for their own learning as part of a wider leaning towards a “classrooms without walls” methodology.
By the end of a day of learning in sunshine students saw how the learning that they did in the classroom had real-world applications, and that urban redevelopment had had a positive effect on the quality of the environment of Puerto Madero. On a closing note, however, I think the highlight of some of their days was seeing that the quality of the environment of the area was so much improved that the Disney Channel was using it to film “Soy Luna”.

Daniel Warner
Head of Geography