On 18th August our bandmaster Matias Villamil took two of our budding young musicians to a masterclass led by the great Gustavo Santaolalla at EMBA, The Music School of Buenos Aires. Augusto Bussio, Matias Bonelli and Matias were treated to an evening of insights, tips for future music producers and live performance from one of Argentina’s most celebrated musical talents.

Santaolalla spoke about how he set out in the music industry, working in sound for advertising and with this money he was able to start producing bands, such as Cafe Tacuba, Julieta Venegas, Divididos, and many other more. He of course talked about winning two oscars and how he started making music for films. The first soundtrack he made was for a Mexican movie called Amores Perros and then went on to compose the scores for Diarios de Motocicleta, Brokeback Mountain, Babel and many more. He also shed light on his latest projects, a documentary with musician Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails and one on Eric Clapton.  

Augusto and Matias both reported back that they enjoyed the masterclass hugely and found the content really informative. As a Creative and Performing Arts department here at SASS we aim to continue building links with these national institutions and opening up career ideas, possibilities and inspiration for our students.

Here is a video link of him playing at the masterclass: http://www.emba.com.ar/emba_video_gustavo_santaolalla_masterclass.html

Oliver Proctor and Matias Villamil

Head of Creative Arts and Bandmaster