It has become a custom at SASS that each year the IB Film and Visual Arts students head down to Recoleta for a morning of inspiration. This year was no exception as a bus load of Y11 students went out to challenge their creativity with some site-specific art.

On arrival the IB Film students set out their equipment, unwrapped their production plans and set off in small groups in search of the material which would form the rushes of their short films. They had been given the challenge to make a chase sequence and to capture the essence of the place. With the sun shining and their steadycams at the ready (well tripods and hand held cameras, but they could at least pretend to emulate one of their heroes Stanley Kubrick), with a “lights, camera, action” they were off.

The IB Visual Arts students were looking for a collection of still photographs to represent mood, atmosphere and to define the context of the setting. These photographs would then form the basis of a larger piece of work ahead and find their forms transposed and distilled into other mediums (look out for them at the IB Art Exhibition and the SASS Week of the Arts) through the rest of the year.

The students hope you enjoy a sample of their “shorts” and “snaps” here.

Oliver Proctor

Head of Creative Arts

St. Andrews Scots School