The Afternoon Bears have really enjoyed a sequence of activities using fingers characters to perform in different songs and they ended up making their own finger puppets!

The children could choose from the material we prepared for them on the tables, they could find different parts of a body, cloth pants or t-shirts, skirts and also faces for them to draw or decorate. We also had some animal shapes and offered them coins, sequins, and wool.
They had so much fun creating their own character! While they were putting the parts together they had to choose a name for it and think about something they were very good at. They also had to make up a special voice to make their puppet come to life!

While sitting at the circle each child introduced his own puppet by answering questions to their teacher´s puppet. It was amazing to see how creative the children got making different voices to represent their character and how unique their names were too. The all found qualities for them telling what they were good at or what were their favourite activities.

Next they all asked  the teachers to turn the tables so as to prepare a puppet show. Some spontaneously sat down on chairs pretending to be the audience enjoying the show.

They have played several times now and feel very proud of their own creation!