During 2016 our students had the opportunity of participating in two events of this fascinating activity: UDESA-POLITEIA, on June 6th; and EMUN (ESSARP Model United Nations), on June 24th & 25th. Both events had the same basic aim: gather youth in a formal event, following the rules of procedure of the United Nations in order to discuss the most flagrant issues of world politics. Those issues are extracted directly from the actual United Nations Agenda and they might vary from the question of water scarcity around the world, to the ISIS menace, and to the rights of women and children. For that purpose they separate in different forums, according to the issue dealt with.
Students prepare for the Conferences –as these events are referred to- through conscious independent research, and frequent meetings on Mondays, at midday. They need to reach the conferences fully aware of the country they have to represent real policies on the different subjects, so they can stand up for them at the different forums. Thus, they can be “empathic” with another countries point of view about world issues, one that might differ abruptly from their country of origin’s viewpoint. If this can be achieved, another of the Conference’s objectives is fulfilled: that students have a living experience of the world diversity.
For the UDESA-POLITEIA Conference, three of our students took part, having the opportunity of that experience of diversity, where delegates of the different countries -appart from standing up for the policies of the countries they were assigned with- could also be dressed up in traditional clothing. These students who had to act as COTE D’IVOIRE delegates were: Celina Pertini (YR10), Manuel Boilini (YR11) and Julia Schwartz (YR12).
During EMUN conference, a larger group could also display a good level of commitment to the world realities acting as delegates for UKRAINE.

Gabriel Pisano & Denise Bussio