Dear SASS Community,

This week we are very excited to present the opening of our new Learner Space - a space that is designed to serve the broader and more-encompassing needs of a 21 st Century Learner.

We know that in our modern technology-driven world, learning is not confined to the classroom or to particular texts; it can and does take place anywhere at any time. We hope to offer students the opportunity to explore knowledge beyond the curriculum through providing a state-of- the-art facility, hosting innovative learning events, inviting collaboration, and supporting students in authentic project-based learning.

The Learner Space is meant to both facilitate and celebrate learning. Students have access to resources – both in digital and book form. There is flexible spacing to allow for silent individual work or study as well as for collaborative projects requiring more advanced technology. There are spaces to display student work. There are spaces to allow students the freedom of expression. And there are spaces to create and innovate.

It is also important to recognize that learning is not confined to our students; we are a community of learners. Therefore, all are welcome.

In learning,