This was a special month because it was our pet’s birthday party.  Some days before the celebration the Puppies decided to prepare some materials. We made streamers, a tablecloth, we constructed a little house for Mr. Puppy’s present, we made invitations for the children's stuffed toys to come to the party, we made popcorn and we also invited some mothers to help us decorate cupcakes.

When the day arrived, the Puppies prepared the classroom with all the materials and when Mr. Puppy appeared they all went running, together with their stuffed toys directly to give him a huge hug.

During the celebration the children made a band and sang Happy birthday to Mr Puppy, then we played “Huevo podrido”, “the statue game”, “musical chairs” and we also had a “piñata”. For the snack we blew the candles together with Mr. Puppy and we eat the cupcakes and popcorn. They also took home a little bag with sweets inside!

The children's excitement and anxiety showed how much they enjoyed every moment of this beautiful sequence and how special this day was for them.