We started our unit by exploring books of different sizes, thematics and characteristics. We learnt about the different parts in a book as the cover, pages, illustration and title. We visited the school's library and listened to “The Gruffalo” story.  We investigated about the author and illustrator´s job using Google and visiting “The Gruffalo” website. We visited a bookstore nearby our school, “El Oso” and bought the books we were missing to complete the book collection done by the author, Julia Donaldson, and the illustrator, Axel Scheffler. Our drama centre became a bookshop and the bears prepared all the elements for playing. The bears were so enthusiastic with “The Gruffalo” story that they learnt the story plot and vocabulary very fast and soon they were dramatizing the story with masks and making puppet shows for their peers during play time in centres. We even made our own Gruffalo´s masks and enjoyed an incredible puppet show done by a group of mothers. Finally, we created an imaginary character and wrote our own story about it. We worked in small teams to make our own book by watching a bookbinding video in youtube and learning about the illustrator´s job to make the characters´s drawings.