During these past months, the Bunnies have started learning to recognize their names. They have been given an individual identification that has their names and photo printed on it, with the aim of starting to recognize the letters that form their names.
The first activity consisted of observing the identification and commenting on what called their attention the most. Some of them pointed out that the names had letters, and not numbers. Others were able to recognize that certain letters were repeated, and that some of them were like “sticks” and others like “circles”.
During the second activity, the Bunnies tried to compare their own identifications with their classmates´, getting quite good results! Each one picked a partner and they both put the identification close to the other´s, and recognized that many letters were shared. Others, the ones that are most into details, discovered that even though letter “O” and “Q” are very alike, the last one has a “little stick” that makes it different from the other. 
In the third activity, we worked with the initial of the name. Some know them by name, while others already pronounce the phoneme of the initial letter.
Then, in order to give a context to the use of the name, the Bunnies used their identifications to keep record of daily attendances.
In addition, whenever any of the letters looked similar to another, they asked about their pronunciation so they could differentiate and identify it from the rest.
Along these sequences of activities, the Bunnies have accomplished much progress in their first steps into letter recognition and identification.
It is truly a pleasure to witness the growth of the Bunnies along the learning process of identification of names, letter recognition and pronunciation. It is a milestone for further learning.