On May 18th, 18 members of the Finance Club visited Buenos Aires Stock Exchange. Students visited both the old and new trading floor and could appreciate the daily activity of brokers. A presentation at the Bolsa`s auditorium with Lic. Manuel Oyamburu allowed the students to better understand the financial instruments that are traded daily. 

This year the visit to the Bolsa includes student participation in  an interactive simulation game, ProDiBur (Programa de Difusión Bursátil). Mr. Oyamburu gave details regarding the rules of the simulation. Participants from schools from all over Argentina are given fictitious $ 100.000 to trade during approximately one month. The participants who obtain the highest returns will receive prizes in cash, that have to be spent by the school in their education. All of the financial instruments traded daily in the Bs.As Stock Exchange can be bought/sold (stocks, bonds, derivatives) and students can participate individually or in groups. This is an excellent opportunity for students to understand how capital markets work.

Students were also invited to participate in the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange TV Show, "Compro o Vendo", broadcasted by America24 channel that shows each sunday at 22:00 hs. on America24. The show hosts qualified guests, such as economist Miguel Kiguel, and the students are expected to be part of a group of young participants that ask questions to the guests. The objective is to show that passion for finance can be developed since very young and has no age limit. The show is recorded every thursday at 18:00 hs and, as mentioned, appears each sunday night on TV. Our students will participate in two weeks time.

Cristina Goutmann
Head of  Business and Economics Department