The “Dolphins” and “Sharks” worked on a project during which they investigated “Colonial” food, learnt about “vendedores ambulantes”, and how there were no ovens or icechests as there was no electricity. They tried out various recipes “Dulce de leche”, “mazamorra”, bread, “alfajores de maizena”… They also visited the Museo Pueyrredon and made a replica of the well out of recycled tetrapaks. Please enjoy the photos of our “Vendedores de empanadas”, Mazamorreras” “vendedores” and “aguateros”
After the formal acto, parents and grandparents, were invited to the classrooms to enjoy a colonial breakfast made by the children.
Our teachers prepared a “25 de mayo” photo booth where the families took their photo on leaving!

Congratulations to all our pupils and teachers!