Last week, we held the  Y10 Entrepreneurial Economics Project Based Learning Final Presentation. This Project consisted of several steps. Students  first had to  identify a need or want not currently met in our community, conduct a market research and statistically analyze the results. After this,  they had to think of an appropriate marketing mix, upload it to a blog for peer review, and use the feedback to craft a suitable demo/sample. Finally, they had to produce a cost analysis.

Seven teams preselected in their classes by their teachers and classmates alike presented their projects in front of a panel of judges, who chose the winning project based on a set of criteria including profitability, feasibility and value to the community.

We were happy to see many impressive projects. TeachIt was the one  that ended up selected as the winner. TeachIt is  an app that connects students in Y8 and Y9 who are in need of a private lesson with other students from Y11 and Y12 who are willing and able to teach that lesson. (Feel free to play the attached PPT Presentation with demo here)

This was definitely a valuable hands-on learning experience for all of our Y10 students, and we are proud of the entrepreneurial spirit that they have demonstrated all through the project.

Business and Economics Department