As the year draws to an end, we celebrate our Open Days, where parents are invited to celebrate an activity with their children. This builds a sense of community, while we enjoy being together and getting to know each other more. 

The children are always happy to see their parents at school, and the parents enjoy sharing time with them, as well as with the other parents. It is also a great opportunity to see how their children have fun at school and get along with their friends.
Every activity started with Tomi, our Gym teacher, inviting them to play cooperative games, and the children showing the skills they had learnt throughout the year.
In this opportunity, the Ducklings decorated a frame which already had a picture of their child, having fun at school.
The Froggies had a challenge they had to solve, which went hand in hand with their "Three Billy Goat Gruff" project, building a bridge which could be crossed by the goats, and that at the same time could fit the troll under it.
The Pillbugs and Dragonflies had the opportunity to build together something they could take home to play with as a family. Their creativity surprised us, and it was fun to see them playing as soon as they finished building.
These activities went hand in hand with the spirit we are living at school these last days: sharing and being thankful for all  we have. This is why we asked the children to think at home what they were grateful for, and we invited to bring donations for the Conin children. 
As teachers, we believe all these activities were a great opportunity to value all we have, specially our loving and caring family, who is always there to support their children along their life.