A timeless children’s book, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is 150 years old in 2015!

To join in the worldwide celebrations, Anne Hopwood and Oscar Llóbenes adapted the story and prepared a wonderful stage production.

Creative, imaginative, and fun to watch, this version shows how Alice suffers being bullied at school. After following the White Rabbit down the hole she enters Wonderland –where being different is good! Meeting the evil Queen is scary but Alice helps her rediscover her true colours, returning kindness to the kingdom.

Alice comes back to the surface feeling more confident knowing that…

”No matter what other people say or do, you should never doubt yourself and always follow your heart. You have to be yourself; there is no one better you can be.”

Alice's adventures are so wondrous and magical, that the audience couldn’t help being drawn into a fantasy world. After the show, everyone walked away wishing to stay in the magical Wonderland!