Daniel and Silvia Alexander, Ivana´s parents, came to our class to teach the children how to make chocolate.  Everything was so nicely prepared and all the details were thought off. They brought hats with chocolates and candies, a lovely tee-shirt and an apron full of chocolates as well as the boxes for the children to take them home. They told us that the first thing they need to have is chocolate that has been melted. He uses a special machine which heats the chocolate and he also uses a cooking thermometer to check if it is hot or cold. Once the chocolate was melted he placed it in different pans and left it to cool a little bit.

On a special paper he gave some melted chocolate to the children and they placed almonds, rocklets, white chocolate etc. to decorate them.

Our children decorated the boxes they had brought and all the chocolates were placed there. The idea was to share them at home with mummy and daddy, however many ate them on their way!!!

There was great excitement in our class, the Froggies made interesting questions and learnt so, so much. They had tons of fun!!!!!

We would like to specially thank Daniel and Silvia for coming to our class to teach us something so yummy yummy!!!