At the end of September, for the first time ever, we organized a retreat for student leaders of schools in Latin America. 41 student delegates flew from Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico joining students from schools in Argentina to explore the human dimension of leadership and renew their commitment and motivation to their leadership roles in their respective schools.

Our school has been working very hard over the last few years in developing a strengthened pastoral program and has focused much of its work in making true on our belief of the importance of a whole child education. For some years now, we have also shared our work with schools in Argentina, initially through a spirituality conference that was held back in 2013, retreats for student leaders attended by representatives from schools in Argentina in 2014 and 2015, and two retreats for heads and senior adult leaders both this year and the year before.

The school team organizing and developing the retreat was made up of Sofia Sengenberger, Ben Walden, Juan Pablo Ventura, Daniel Vilasetru and Gabriel Rshaid and over the space of three days we were able to share interactive exercises, exploration journeys, reflections and other powerful activities to help students rediscover the essence of their leadership roles anchored on their personal growth. The beautiful venue of La Reserva, in Capilla del Señor, provided an ideal setting for this experiential retreat.

It is very rewarding for our team to be able to share their expertise and many years’ worth of training, reflections and exercises in exploring the human dimension of education both with adults and student leaders.

Results were overwhelmingly positive, and it was a joyous experience for all involved. It was very rewarding to receive very positive and moving testimonials from students participating in the retreat, as well as from their parents and heads of schools when they returned to their home countries. We expect to be able to continue to do this work and spreading both locally and internationally our vision that education is a profoundly human endeavour and that our young students should be equipped not only with the knowledge and the skills to thrive in the modern and future world but also be very aware of their human dimension and awakened to the need to search for meaning and purpose in our lives.