The Bears have been working on a project to prepare their own Concert show related to recycling. 

To do so we investigated about "the theatre" and discussed what things we needed to prepare ourselves to perform on stage. We decided we needed Scenery, Costumes, Music and a Choreography. We met Maria Elena, who invited us to her scenery workshop and she gave us some ideas in order to make our own Scenery using recycled material. We asked families to collaborate with us by sending things to reuse to make a curtain that would be part of the stage decoration. It came out fantastic! 

We also  investigated about recycled clothes and we learnt that some designers use plastic bags in their clothing. While looking for information in internet we found out that there is a group of people, called “La Sachetera” who use milk “sachets” to make sleeping bags for the homeless people so we thought of imitating their technique to create a vest for the boys. Girls wanted to use a skirt, so we decided to create one by using plastic bags and pieces of cloth that one of the mummies sent us to reuse them. Finally we invited some Y12 students to help us decorate our own t-shirts and our costumes were ready to use.

We also investigated about the actor's job and an actress came to our classroom to show us how she gets ready before she goes on stage making funny noises with her voice to warm it up and relax, how she creates a character by putting on makeup and a costume. We also played a dramatic game and pretended to be animals and different characters.We had so much fun! A makeup artist came to our classroom to teach us how to characterize our faces according to the personality of the character we want to represent. Miss Guada became a witch and the bears were pirates, knights and princesses. We put on some costumes and had fun dramatizing in the playground.

We have been rehearsing a lot, learning how to sing our concert song with Miss Lili and learning the choreography Miss Guada and Miss Jo taught us. Finally it was time to perform in our Dress Rehearsal and we are very anxious to do so in our Concert next week!