During the last month the children of the PLAY group have been working on an exciting project:

 “ Turn the classroom into a magic kingdom” !

As a starting point Miss Carla and Miss Maqui read to the children stories about princesses, knights, dragons, brave kings and magic fairies.

After listening to the inspiring narrations the children decided they needed a castle. A large box and big pieces of cardboard easily became a castle. For the throne they covered a chair in shiny fabric, and lay out a red carpet in front of it. 

With the help of their teachers, the children made a variety of props for the role play. Using golden paint and shiny stickers, they decorated the plates, trays and ports of yogurt which they used as fancy china and tableware for the “elegant feast”. The children also made crowns,  bracelets and jewels using cardboard, toilet paper rolls, tissue paper, sparkles, and other decorations. With  Strong cardboard they made swords and shields, which they painted with golden and silver paint.  

Finally, with everything set, the PLAY group children had a great time playing with their teachers! “ The princesses had tea at the castle, put on her big dresses for the ball and waited for the kings and knights who were fighting in a battle against the dragons” 

The preparation took almost three weeks! But it was completely worth it!  They wanted to play every day! And they did so several times!!