This year ESSARP has created a Festival Shakespeare En La Escuela where schools from all over Argentina participated in the categories of music, art, poetry, drama and short film.

Congratulations to Connie Schwartz with the help of Delfina Merljak and Nataljia Vujacic, for being selected as a finalist in the top 15 out of 63 entries in the category of art. Their hard work can be appreciated in the following link:

Congratulations to Catalina Grozsmann for winning 1st prize in poetry in "Premio Comunidad ESSARP".  Her sonnet, "Romeo and Juliet" is still eligible for 1st prize to the public and can be voted for simply by clicking on her sonnet, "Romeo and Juliet" and "liking" it before 12:00 pm, September 10th .  Please go into the following link and help her get more "likes" for the excellent work she's put into composing this poem:


Romeo and Juliet


Sweet Rosaline had ruled his every thought 
‘Til Romeo spied beauty at the ball; 
By jeweled light in darkness was he caught 
In nets of love that fate could not forestall. 
He pledges love beneath a balcony 
Where Juliet woos softly from above; 
The friar’s plan would seal their destiny 
When he united them in secret love. 
But Romeo was lost to her in flight 
To Mantua, where fate then laid its plan,
Played out to tragic end one fateful night 
When potion’s magic wed instead their clans.
Their love was made to live beyond the grave; 
Great was the mercy God in Heaven gave.


By Catalina Groszmann


Thanks for your support and please pass the link along to all!


Scott Lyman