On September 1st 1838, a school was opened in the city of Buenos Aires.

St. Andrew’s Scots School was founded by a group of Scottish settlers who wanted to educate their children in their language, their culture and their faith. 177 years later, their dream is a reality. Each year, we remember these founders and honour their memory.

During the Founders Day Assembly we celebrated the 25 years at St. Andrew’s of Mrs. Florence Zanocchi. She shared with us some of her memories as a student, a teacher and a mother; and showed us some of the “treasures” she has kept over the years -her original uniform, two books she won as a student and a badge she was given the day of her graduation.

The Junior Choir, directed by Mr. Tomás Merello sang two songs and the girls who practice Scottish dancing, danced several songs. Mr. Oscar played the bagpipes and led the primary students as they all sang “Auld Lang Syne”. A group of Y6 children played several instruments as we all sang Happy Birthday and the School Song. 

Founder’s Day is very special and dear to everyone at school. It reminds us how far we’ve come and it challenges us to keep working hard to move on!

Happy birthday St. Andrew’s Scots School!