Lucas and Mateo represented Argentina in the 2015 WSDC held in Singapore. The World Schools Debating Championship is one of the most important and intense international debate tournaments young students can have the chance to attend. Over 55 countries participate, each selecting about 5 people to form a team. To reach the five slots of the national team, both St. Andrew’s students trained for several years by representing the school in national debate tournaments and participating in three Pan-American competitions.This training led them to be ranked 6th in terms of Speaker Points in this year’s worldwide competition.

Here Lucas shares his impressions: 

After around 36 hours of travel and an 11 hour jet lag, the Argentine team arrived to this amazing city and almost immediately began with the debates. Never had any of us experienced such intense nor culturally rich debates as we went up against countries like South Korea, Kuwait, Ireland, Croatia and many more. Every day we would travel to different schools in the city, each with a more impressive opening ceremony than the previous one. The students from these schools, which were our audience as well, were always eager to approach and meet us. Clearly, there's a lot more to the trip than debating. One of the best parts is getting to know plenty of incredible people from all over the world.

Going there and preparing the debate cases was a lot of hard work, but without the slightest doubt, well worth it. From culture to food to people, everything was part of this unbelievable experience.