In June, Year 7 marked the end of a fantastic piece of cross-curricular work with a bang. In May the students had gone on a fieldtrip to Temaiken where they undertook some research for their work in Geography, English, Maths and Science, with a strand of Learning to Learn interlaced through their fact finding.

     The fieldtrip provided an amazing opportunity for students to apply the Leadership roles they had learned about in Learning to Learn, to their work in the mainstream curriculum. Whilst in the park, students worked in teams to collect data relating to five different animals. Each animal had to be from a different class of animal, and two had to be from Argentina. Once back in school students then used their subject lessons to find out more. In Geography, they looked at the climate the animal was from, located their natural habitat on a map and suggested how that climate made it unique. In Science students researched more specifically into their animal’s adaptations linked to their climate and habitat. Back in Geography, they looked into how three of their animals’ habitats were being destroyed, whilst in Maths they used theoretical probability to make an assessment about their animals’ future in light of the threats the face. Finally, in English students created a piece of extended writing investigating the animals feeling about its future.

     This wonderful learning was supported in Learning to Learn, with lessons on research skills and presentations. This culminated in students creating some great presentations in their Geography lessons. The best ones from each Tutor Group went forward to a special assembly where students from each Tutor Group showed their presentations to the whole of Year 7,  which were judged by myself, Victor Capeluto (Head of Year 7), Marisa Marques (Head of the Middle School) and Gabriel Rshaid. I have to say that all of the presentations we saw were excellent, but the winners were 7MP, followed closely by 7OS.

     We are all extremely proud of the work our students did over the past few weeks, and commend them for their hard work.

Daniel Warner

Head of Geography and Learning to Learn Coordinator