During the lasts weeks, the Ducklings have been working on a project about pets. It started off with a visit to “ Puppis”. There they were able to see how a pet shop worked and also lots of different pets.

After the visit, they started to investigate what a pet was and their characteristics. The teachers read books and showed some videos.  They were able to learn that a pet is an animal that lives at home and is taken care of by persons. They also learnt that wild animals are not pets because they can’t live in houses. 

After learning a lot about all these things, the Ducklings pretended they were vets who worked in a pet shop. The classroom was transformed into a Pet shop and the children dressed up as vets  and played with their own stuffed animals. After playing for the first time, the teachers asked them what else they needed to go on playing and the children said they needed dog collars, cat and dog ears and some food for the pets.  Before playing for the second time the children made all the necessary things.  They had lots of fun pretending to be vets!!!

To finish off our project, a real vet came to visit the children. She brought her dog “Denver ” and she showed them all the things a dog needs to grow healthily and happily. They were able to listen to its heart, brush him and even brush his teeth. They had a really great time while they learnt lots of things!!!!!