The Middle School English department had a busy and fun week with their Book Bash project, in which every Year 7 and Year 8 class invited parents to their presentations on the Literature books and topics they had been working on during the first part of the year.  There were all kinds of interesting activities which included dramatizations, oral presentations, movie trailers, movie clips, games and research on specific topics such as World War issues, human rights and world and historical contexts. We were proud to see our students at the different work stations, sharing with their parents through a variety of media their conclusions after having read what it means to grow up during war or in extreme poverty, or explaining what a dystopian society is and what we can do to avoid becoming one.  There was also an exhibition of the stories written, published - and in some cases even bound into a book - by the students themselves.  Congratulations to all our students and MS teachers for their hard work and their enthusiasm.  Reading opens a window to other worlds and our students did a great job of entering those new worlds with enthusiasm and then guiding us into them as well during their presentations.  

Mariu López Gibson - Middle School English Coordinator

    As a final activity for the students, we received a visit from Djeliba Baba the Storyteller, a folklorist who delighted us with his stories and music. He plays the kora, which is a sort of harp which includes a large half calabash. Baba, though born in the U.S., practices the ancient West African storytelling craft known as Jaliyaa.