During April and May, the Afternoon Bears have been working on the Unit: "La librería del Oso". 

Throughout these two months, they did all sorts of activities through which they learnt English vocabulary and structures, watched and learnt how a bookstore works, visited  " La Librería El Oso", read many books of Winnie the Witch, learnt about the parts of a book and visited the Kindergarten library.

As a closure of this unit, the children had the idea of writing their own story about Winnie the Witch and her cat Wilbur. It was a whole week of hard work. They dedicated time and effort to their story, discussed ideas and chose the plot. Once the location of the story was set, we started writing it. The children were able to dictate orally the story while the teacher wrote it on the board. They had wonderful ideas and worked hard to get to agreements with their peers, in order to be able to write the story. Once the story was finished, the children got together in groups and drew each part of the story. After this, and with the help of Miss Guada who taught us how to bind the book, we were able to finish it. Once the book was ready, all the children wanted to take it home. That is why we invented the Traveling Bag, for the children to take the story home and share it with their families. They had the idea to send one traveling book for them to invent stories with their families too. If you did not receive it yet, you will do soon!

On the other hand, they also created their own "Bear Bookstore" in the classroom. It was a whole other week of hard work were they chose the name of the bookstore, a group of children designed the logo in the computer, others cut and drew the money, and others chose the books to sell. They all wrote numbers on small papers, in order to put prices to the books. Once all the material was done, they were ready to play . First they chose if they wanted to be customers or cashiers and depending on that, they received a bag and money or went behind the counter. Then the dramatization began! The children were delighted to play and dramatize as a real bookstore. The customers chose the books to buy, went to the counter and payed for them. Interesting discussions went on between the children calculating if they could or could not buy books, depending on the money they had and the prices of the books.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as the children enjoyed playing and learning!