The Pillbugs and Dragonflies celebrated Earth Day during this week, and as a part of these special activities, they had their first “camping” at school.

On Thursday they  all arrived with a very big smile on their  face, their backpacks and sleeping bags...  Camping day had arrived!

Tommy, our gym teacher, welcomed them while they  had a delicious breakfast. The children were then divided in groups and each team chose a name. They then  learnt how to pitch a tent. They played games and  got to know their new peers.They  had fun working together, cooperating and helping each other. 

They had lunch in the field, and were them  in charge of washing their plate, and mug. On   finishing,  they  had a well- deserved rest inside their  tents, listening to their teachers’   stories.

In the afternoon they  had games which involved observing nature in our field, learning about looking after our planet and leaving everything in better conditions than what we  found .

We had a simulated“camp fire” on the stage of the hall, darkened by the curtains, with a pretend camp fire with logs made by the children, torches to light it up and a hidden Ipod with the sound of the crackling fire and the sound of crickets.  We sang songs the children had prepared in their teams and ate marshmallows!!!!

The children were very happy, specially so when they received their "first camping at school" medals, specially made for them by their teachers, out of recycled material. 
We are confident that this great experience will help us build and enrich our dramatic play experience as well as allowing them to appreciate and enjoy nature.