The Pandas have started a new unit called “The Garrahan Hospital” where we are not only investigating and talking about the different people that work there, but also about our bodies, starting off with the skeleton, our 5 senses and different systems such as the digestive, respiratory and circulatory.

Our friend Charly came to visit us and liked the classroom so much and found everything so interesting, he decided to stay. He is our skeleton friend made out of x-rays who chose to be near the window so he can see everything. What fun we had learning his song about the bones!!! And we never forget to say good morning and good bye to him!!!

We have been doing different activities related to our bodies. There were two that we particularly enjoyed… in one we had to look at ourselves in a mirror and make our self-portrait! We had lots of fun making faces and looking in the mirror to see how we look like! Then we made bodies using different blocks. They looked so funny!!

We haven’t finished yet! There is so much more to learn and do!!