Sustainability at Campus San Andrés


One of the principles that defined the design of our new Campus was the construction of a sustainable project, which can be summarised as follows:


Emblematic features that embody a philosophy of care for the environment

Our goal is not only to conserve the environment itself but also to serve as a model for student learning, so as to demonstrate a school philosophy of awareness and care of our natural resources.


Actively involved students in the management of environmental controls (the building as a three-dimensional textbook)

Some of these facilities aimed at preserving the environment may be operated and managed by specific students, in such a way as to become effective opportunities for learning and transmitting the value of environmental care.


Green spaces, water features, a feeling of a natural environment

The new Campus will include abundant green areas, ponds and specific natural spaces where students will be able to spend their leisure time and carry out learning activities.

Keeping this model in mind, we worked through the construction of Stage I, which comprises the Sports Ground and the Sports Pavilion.

We share here with you a video made by some of our Y6 students in 2015. They investigated and worked to publicise this aspect of the construction of our Campus - click here.   

We also include a presentation that served as the basis for this work carried out by the architectural firm Jeffrey Berk and Asociados. We thank them for their collaboration and for the meetings held for the implementation of this project with our students - click here





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