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St. Andrew's Scots School maintains a financial assistance policy through various programmes managed by the Fundación San Andrés (FSA). The Fundación San Andrés is an independent legal entity, whose Board meets on a monthly basis and its members are elected by the Board of Governors of the Asociación Civil Educativa Escocesa San Andrés (ACEESA).

Its mission is to provide assistance to families who need financial aid and/or scholarships, with the specific aim to retain and attract students to our institution. To achieve this goal, the Fundación San Andrés administers several programmes that are internally funded by the School through a percentage of the income, and externally, through contributions from individual donors.

St. Andrew’s School seeks to gradually increase the level of financial assistance to reach 10% of scholarship holders through the various instruments administrated by the Fundación San Andrés. In addition to the financial needs of families, the criteria for the granting of financial aid are based on student performance and the identification of families and members of our staff who represent the values and principles of our institution. The policies for financial aid and admissions reflect the same values and pursue the same objectives.

There are three instruments of financial aid administered by the Fundación San Andrés: Special Scholarships, Emergency Loans and the Davidson Scholarship. In these three cases, the assistance granted to the beneficiary for tuition fees by the Fundación San Andrés can be partial or total. Additionally, the FSA administers the "Scholarship Endowment Fund" (SEF) and the "Maggie Salinas Fund" (MSF).

Excepting the Davidson Scholarship, any aid provided by the FSA is "for strict economic need".

Following, the different types of financial aid offered by the Fundación San Andrés are detailed:



    These are aimed at families with an inability to pay the full fees



    These are aimed at assisting temporary financial difficulties, and are therefore time limited.



    Aimed at assisting families who have suffered the loss or inability of the person responsible for the payment of fees. To know more about this scholarship´s policies read here.



    It was created in 2004, as a fund for the exclusive purpose of providing scholarships to students who wish to study at St. Andrew’s, and is provided by donations from associates, alumni, staff, parents and other members of the St. Andrew’s community. It also supported by the proceeds of the annual events for Scholarship Funds. If you want to learn more about the selection process for applying to the Scholarship Fund, view here.

    If you wish to read the Trust Agreement, view here:St. Andrew’s Scots School Scholarship Endowment Fund.

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    Set up in 2005, this fund is dedicated exclusively to the financing of the education of the children of teaching and non-teaching staff at school. The fund carries the name of Maggie Salinas in honour of a teacher who provided 35 years of service to our school. The school assigns a percentage of its yearly income to this fund, which also receives donations from members of our Community.

    If you wish to have further information on our Scholarship Funds, you can contact Lila Macchiavello or Eliana Mocorrea tl 4846-6500 ext. 1352/1289.

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    The class of 1959 instituted in 2007 a scholarship to perpetuate the memory of Derek Mc Ivor, History teacher and assistant Headmaster of St. Andrew´s Scots School from 1954 to 1960. This initiative was based on the significant impact Derek had in the education and overall character growth of his students, both inside and outside the classroom. The contributions of a group of graduates significantly helped towards awarding scholarships to families of former pupils and their descendants, for their children in the last years of secondary school.

    We encourage all alumni classes that wish to join this fund or imitate this example with their own classes, to contact the Alumni Office

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